​Q: We have a hockey team?
A: Yes! They were established as a club team in 2011. 

Q: Do Ice Angels play hockey?
A: Nope! We just like to watch hockey.

Q: Do I have to know anything about hockey?
A: No! You just need a willingness to learn.

Q: Do Ice Angels travel to away games?
A: Away games are not required or funded fully, but we do carpool to some nearby cities and possibly out of state.

Q: How do I contact the Ice Angel Organization?
A: We're always ready to answer any questions you have! Just send us an email (txsticeangels@gmail.com) or find us on social media! 

Q: Do you have to know how to ice skate?

A: No! We do not get out on the ice, except for our annual Ice Skating Social!

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: Feb. 2018 

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